Hey Everyone

Well, have been branching out and showing our wine to a new market, all based in Taupo.

We have joined up to the Taupo Chamber of Commerce and are looking to work with business’s who are like ours, and are sort of local.

I went down last Thursday and joined up with a prearranged BA5, being hosted by Triplejump, (a company based in Taupo who look after personal life planning and insurance/assurance, but point people in the right direction as to what to buy rather than sell you something), and the very well known Hilton Hotel of Taupo.

There was the usual formalities, then everyone stood around and networked.

It was pretty positive fro me as being the new kid on the block, everyone wanted a piece of the action!!!

Came away with a goodly number of leads that I need to follow up on, and all of which are very keen to be part of our tribe.

Taupo COC 002

You’ll see that pretty everyone that was anyone was there, but unfortunately I couldn’t meet their mayor as he was at a prior engagement!

The wine was served by the staff at the Hilton Lake Taupo and it all looked stunning on the night.

Taupo COC 001

I think as you go to more of these it feels a like a meeting of old friends rather than a business do.  The stiffness or boredom soon drop away with a couple of glasses of wine and everyone gets around the room and tells there best current stories.

I would have to say the highlight of the night was getting my 2 minutes of speech time.

It was straight after the insurance and hotel spiels, so made me look like the good time guy pretty easily!! Everyone seemed to laugh so I guess they enjoyed it.

Taupo COC 003

My thanks must go out Donna Jardon of the Taupo COC who was absolutely fantastic and showed me around.  Plus Jenny Martyn of Triple jump that let me hijack her party, and lastly to the guys from the Hilton Lake Taupo, who were a perfect service team for my product.

If anyone wants to use our wine for any please free to message or call me directly.

Speak Soon





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