Sustainability & Community


As active members of Sustainable Winegrowing we strive to be more sustainable in all of our winemaking and distribution practices. This means we care, all the way from the grape to the finished product within a bottle.

In our winery, we reuse as many of the sections within our boxes during a bottling run. We reuse wine cartons when packing wine for dispatch as often as possible to reduce the introduction of new packaging.

We work with our stockists to collect and recycle empty bottles. In some cases we deliver and unpack wine so that we can reuse the boxes without damaging them.

With bottling onsite, we can reuse carefully used wine cartons by applying a new varietal label thereby reducing the new boxes introduced to a bottling run.

The wine caps removed in the Tasting Room are donated to a community group who collect these for fundraising opportunities to support worthwhile causes.

Our fermented grapes skins, after pressing, are taken to the green waste, as we have yet to find someone who wants drunk pigs!

We care about the environment and with tiny steps are making our way towards a more New Zealand friendly future.


We are delighted to continue our support of Rotorua Community Hospice. We have donated wine for the tables at Dancing for Hospice every year since Brent, our winemaker danced in the event in 2016. This support represents our biggest commitment to the community and we look forward to working with Rotorua Community Hospice this year too.

We are proud to have supported some of our local artists for their launch nights at The Arts Village – Maggie Covell and Kelly Shrimpton among them – we look forward to what they do next.

Lakeside Community Concert – Brent was on the organizing committee back in 2016/2017 but we continue to support this incredible Rotorua event annually.

Whilst we avoid supporting events and places focusing on under 18 year olds due to the nature of our product, we can’t help but be involved in places that support our own family, and as such love being involved with John Paul College, St Mary’s Rotorua and Amjazz where we can.

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