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Well just another Wednesday night in Rotorua, the silence was broken by a LARGE group of corporates having a fantastic time with Volcanic Hills Wines, matched with a huge amount of fantastic food provided by the amazing team at Rocket Events.

I teamed up with Rocket Events to provide a night of fun and frivolity for a large company.  They all had a blast!

photo 1 This is the stage.  It was laid out in a My Kitchen Rules type thing, with each team given a meal, including desset, to prepare and then provide for judging.  They also had to build and sell their wears to the rest of the crowd through fair means or foul.  At the end of it all there was the best main, dessert and peoples choice. (Note the VH barrels spread around to give it a better sense of relaxation!)

photo 2 The bar was well stocked with Volcanic Hills Wine.  There was also a selection of beers and juices for those not into the whole wine and food thing.

I was asked to to do a bit of stage stuff, which was amazing.  I provided what our wines look like and how they can be used to make food look better rather than just get plastered off them.

Many people took up the opportunity to try what we did and loved the experience.

I always find it a great pleasure when you finally get it over people that wine is not just a thing you have, but something to be appreciated.  It is a light speed moment in time when people just get it.  Especially people that would NEVER drink wine or even contemplate the idea, especially something like white wine to boot.

The absolute hit for the night was the Chardonnay!  People found it went superbly with most of the foods, and yet was easy enough to just casually drink on its own.

If you want us to come to your place and create something like this, give me a call.




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