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Always something new..

We finally finished the barrel hall upgrade by installing another collection of our now famous Marsden B Power station lights, somewhat like the tasting room, but lacking in the view department.

So having cleaned it for the first time, this morning I have been cleaning up yet again after another very successful function!

The Breast cancer Pink Ribbon people approached us to hold a wine tasting event as a fund raiser for Breast Cancer, so how could we say no??

Kim and Belinda turned up and transformed the barrel hall to a room of fun, fairy lights and food. Not to mention the outside of the winery…

front winery Pink ribbon event

It all started quietly, but as normal became a loud and proud wine talk in no time at all.

Food Shot Pink ribbon event

My job was to be the host and talk about wine, but it was so much fun and such a catch up with people it became more like a gathering of old mates.

The atmosphere was absolutely wonderful and everyone had a great time.

One of the most interesting things from this event was which wine was enjoyed most.

We did our normal tasting line up and then offered the patrons a choice of any of the wines tasted, as a full glass for free, post the tasting as part of the deal. After the night we looked at the volume consumed of each varietal, surprisingly the overall winner by a large amount was Chardonnay! I guess there is an underbelly of Chardonnay drinkers who are a bit scared of admitting there actual true love…

Pinot Noir was a definite second, but significantly behind the mighty Chardonnay.

Life is moving pretty fast now we have these places to offer.

Call in and see have great it is for yourself!!







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