Sinead Dates: How Rotorua healed our broken hearts

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That evening we visited the Volcanic Hills Winery at Skyline, via gondola. Despite Emma saying that the gondola ride was “even more frightening than having to cancel your own wedding”, I can assure you that it was very fine, very picturesque and not that scary at all.

It was here at the Volcanic Hills winery that we met the hero of this story, Annie. Along with educating us on their wine (which was divine), Annie became our breakup spirit guide. On learning about our recent heartbreaks, Annie spent the evening coaching us through our feelings, offering sage advice on finding real, good love, and sharing with us her own love stories. When we finally left the winery Annie hugged us four times and said we absolutely must come stay with her for a weekend.

Sinead Dates: How Rotorua healed our broken hearts

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