WOW what night we had here last night.

Sharon Wallace of the Rotorua Hospitality Association offered us the chance to showcase our site to all the best Restaurants in town!  And did they turn up with a flourish.

This was the media announcement of the finalist, covering off all the aspiring people in the local surround who hope to be the best restaurant/cafe/barista and more in their own region.

We provided the venue and wine for the event, and (I managed to find this out later on) we almost made it into one of the catagory finals list!

Guests included the Mayor, Steve Chadwick, new Labour MP for Rotorua, Tamiti Coffey, (also the MC for the occasion), most managers, senior staff or owners of the larger well established hotels and restaurants in town were present, plus all of last years winners.

The environment was one of relative relaxation till finally the names were to be read out.  The tension in the air lasted about 15 minutes as many were congratulated and others commiserated, but overall relief could be felt everywhere. 

Check out the article in the Daily Post if you want to know a little more.

TRENZ in Auckland has been on this week and it seems there are a great deal of people attending to try and sell New Zealands ‘wares’ to potential buying groups.  We are luckly enough to have Skyline Rotorua showcasing our offerings, for which I am always truely greatful. 

I am also always in awe of small business’s that have to try and take part in all of these things on their own without the knowledge and skills that most of the large more established operators in the sector possess.  The amount of learning of how to get to the people the count never seems to be achieved.

The challenge to create our niche here in Rotorua just keeps on…

Cheers Brent

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