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Explained: Crowd powered is a idea which has become popular in recent years, and it’s the idea of a human story, helping one another and working together for change, this is far more powerful than a discount, a sticker or a bulk deal.

If you’ve ever dreamt of being connected to a small independent winery here is your opportunity to experiment alongside a unique community of insiders. Simply, your weekly wine allowance is all the forward commitment we need to produce great wine for our friends and yours and with a little feedback you can contribute to its quality. This crowd powered model wouldn’t be possible without the worldwide web; it would be hard to organize a large crowd of people together to support an idea and get our product out to market and into your hands.

That’s what we believe is so special about The Volcanic Hills Wine Lover’s guild model,  which enables our wine drinkers – or Guild Members – to effectively collaborate in the production of high-quality wine up front, and in return have the opportunity to buy bottles at the exclusive wholesale rate only given to our insiders.

Our members will tend to be consumers with ethics, people who like buying their beer from an independent brewery, who like going to the farmers’ market at the weekend, and like to know where their products are made, coming from or simply to put a face to what they’re buying. In order to feel good about what they’re doing,  they’re happy  spending a bit extra to get the extra trusted quality.

Volcanic Hills hopes guild members will be especially proud to say they are a wine lover supporting their favourite small independent wine maker. With no membership fees, just your weekly wine allowance, $15/week paid straight into your Guild membership account within the Volcanic Hills Guild Reserve. ALL that you pay is yours to spend – we don’t take a dime. And if you did want to pull out you can, at any time.

To ensure you are one of a few exclusive founding members when the doors to this mysterious underground world finally open stay tuned for part 3.0.

Or if you can’t wait,

Here you can Sign up now to be a founding member right away.


Brent and Sean

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