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Written by Megan Singleton.

Brent and Larissa Park are the owners of Volcanic Hills, a winery that makes it’s wine here in Rotorua, despite there being no vineyards in this region. They realise this is where most visitors to New Zealand come though and they also realise that most of them are not going to high tail it around the whole country to experience all the various varieties we grow.

So they bring in their red grapes from Central Otago and their sauvignon blanc grapes from Marlborough and make their wines in their building at the bottom of the gondola and sell it up here at the top.

We sat down for a wine tasting (5 tastes for $16) and heard from Brent about New Zealand wines and what his focus is on his own wine. A nice way to kill an hour or so and certainly a great idea if your family is luging or mountain biking below you!

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