You’d be forgiven for thinking there is not much of a wine-making industry in Rotorua and you’d be right. But if you take the Skyline Gondola to the top (the same one you use for the luge) you’ll find Volcanic Hills Wines tasting room. The grapes obviously aren’t local but the winemaking is, and this tasting comes with a cracking view out over Rotorua and the lake.

Alexia Santamaria, NZ Herald

GO NZ: New Zealand Herald

There must be a scientific reason humans are so attracted to views from on high. It’s undeniably calming on our brains to look out over rolling countryside, sparkling lake waters, snow-capped peaks or seemingly endless sapphire sea – and we’ll often go to great lengths to do so. But what if climbing and hiking for visual reward is not your jam? If you – or someone else in your party – prefers their vista minus the sweat, and possibly tears. Here are some ways to get that brain-calming goodness without the activewear – and with a drink or bite to really seal the deal.

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