Hi Everyone….WOW

Must be just about Spring, we have our new Sauvignon Blanc here NOW. Check it out.



Have just had this arrive and it is FANTASTIC!!

2014 was a year of pretty big crops coming off the back of the really lean and thin 2012 and 2013 years, it has really showed a fantastic fresh change. We think this is a great example of what to expect from the 2014 vintage.

You can come and try it out if you are into a new fresh zing in your step. Lots of clean green stink and spritz.  Loads of freah gooseberry and acid, a real eye opener.

Had a really cool group of Plumbers come in and use our tasting room for a bit of get together the other week too.


These guys were great fun and proved you can have a good time even in the middle of winter.

We offer our tasting room after hours for functions of up to 50 people seated and it has been very popular.  A great idea for a Christmas party if you are looking for a funky space that is a bit quirky.  Of course you have to use Volcanic Hills Wines, but for everything else you can converse with Skyline and get what ever you need.

2014 seems to be flying by and now we await the upcoming lull in Rotorua.  A time when we see the whole area go a little quiet and everyone take a break from the summer rush that is always around the corner.

Skyline has just announced some huge news about Crankworks coming to Rotorua, so will be interesting to see how that plays out. Plus the advent of another 500,000 people through the door due to the mountian biking, should be pretty crazy here coming up.

In the mean time, come on up and have look at the new wine! I am sure you will love it!






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