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If you have any other questions, please get in touch: or (07) 282 2018

How do enter the Volcanic Hills Wine Lovers’ Guild?

You just need to enter your contact information and open a paypal account with your credit or debit card details within our secure site to activate your $15/week payment into The Guild Reserve. Enter The Guild online.

NB The doors to The Guild will only be open until 5pm 11th November. All those who enter between now and then will be The Guild’s Founding Members – there’s a certain prestige in being able to say ‘I am a Founding member’ and for our part, we will make sure you are rewarded for it with an exclusive limited time offer.

Once closed, the doors will stay closed for up to two months so enter now.

How much does it cost to be a member?

No membership fees, you just pay $15/week straight into your Guild membership account. Your account balance including all payments and purchases will be available online. Build your balance and then cash it in when you want on the Volcanic Hills wine you want, at insider prices.

ALL the money you pay into The Reserve is yours to spend – we don’t take a dime. Your commitment simply gives us a mandate to go and source the best grapes for you, from the best growing regions in New Zealand, and turn them into the great wine you have told us you want to drink.

What prices are available?

Insider prices we usually give to the middleman somewhere between 20 – 24% off retail depending on the variety.  Insider price is exclusive to Guild members only. You can email us for the secret prices.  Plus we will give members access to special one-off prices along the way.

What are the other benefits of entering in the Wine Lovers’ Guild? How does my money help?

It’s an exclusive experience that reflects the mystery and style of the winemaking process.  There’s a community learning the craft and enjoying the rewards of being closer to one of their favourite wineries. And a unique opportunity to take part in ongoing success of small independent wineries like us here at Volcanic Hills Winery.

Your commitment will help propagate our next vintage. It gives us a mandate to go and source the best grapes, from the best growing regions in New Zealand, and turn them into the great wine you have told us you want to drink by your purchases and feedback.

You and other like-minded members of The Guild, have a direct line to the Winemakers and other Guild members.

Of course there is an alternative… you could buy mass-produced wine from profit-driven supermarkets alongside their frozen TV dinners and luncheon sausage – but you wouldn’t want that would you?

I live outside New Zealand – can I enter the Volcanic Hills Wine Lovers’ Guild?

How terrible it would be to exclude people passionate about wine just because they don’t live on the tectonic collision of land that is New Zealand?  Wine Lovers all over the globe deserve a chance to take part in the success of Volcanic Hills Winery.  Please email us at for information on international shipping rates.

Why do I need to create a PayPal account when singing up to become a Guild member?

The Volcanic Hills Wine Lovers’ Guild uses PayPal to easily and securely manage your payments online. In order to deposit your weekly allowance in to your Guild account you will need to create a PayPal account to manage these reoccurring payments. Once done you will not need to worry about this again and it will ensure you will be able to enjoy all the special privileges of becoming a Volcanic Hills Wine Lovers’ Guild member.

Creating a PayPal account now will mean that next time you shop online on one of the thousands of other online stores you can do so just an email address and password, you won’t need to type in your card details every time you pay.

For more information about PayPal please visit the PayPal website.

How is the Volcanic Hills Wine Lovers’ Guild regulated?

Volcanic Hills Wine Lovers’ Guild Limited is a separate company to the Volcanic Hills Winery to safeguard your investment.
In the unlikely event that Volcanic Hills Winery got into financial trouble, the Guild will be kept ‘safe’.

Your pre-payments are only released to Volcanic Hills Winery when you have placed an order with the Guild – only at that time will payment from your account be released in exchange for the wine ordered.

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